About us

Hay Santa

  • Assists in shaping the concept of civic awareness, contributes to molding responsible citizens and reducing the likelihood of social injustice syndrome
  • Contributes to fostering values of compassion and benevolence by mass media (articles, films, photo series, etc.), publicizes successful models of dealing with poverty, brings together supporters of humane ideas from all walks of life, presents results of volunteering to wide public


Hay Santa

  • Advances the cause of restoring justice by conducting journalistic investigations, fights for social justice and against violations of law, educates stakeholders by raising their legal awareness
  • Develops, promotes, and presents success models which deal with poverty through raising levels of employment, education, and culture
  • Implements creative community projects by collaborating with groups of women, young men, and others


Hay Santa

  • Strives for the reduction of poverty level: by means of multimedia documents cases of poverty and offers alternative projects to deal with it
  • Develops collaboration networks: brings together the society’s potential to find creative solutions to social deadlocks through partisan support in the net



  • presented 150 family histories since 2004,
  • prepared more than 200 articles and 180 TV documentary essays,
  • arranged more than 200 meetings with different organizations,
  • organized charity concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances the proceeds of which were donated to specific benevolent goals,
  • provided substantial support to families and communities identified by the Foundation through 70 organizations and more than 6000 individual benefactors,
  • motivated about 1500 young adults to participate in joint charity events some of which were civic initiatives of student organizations,
  • assisted in the construction / purchase / renovation of 7 houses in the villages of Armenia and NKR,
  • arranged medical assistance (surgeries, stationary and medicinal treatment) to more than 60 beneficiaries,
  • provided humanitarian, psychological, and educational support to hundreds of families,
  • implemented community projects: “Cool Rooms”, “Comprehensive Support to Borderline Vazashen”, “Honey”, “War, Women, Bee”, “Capital – Border: We Are One “, “Quick Response “, “Fresh Milk for Children”, ” Warm Winter, Happy New Year “, “Help for Frontline Soldiers “, “Beautiful Donut”, “The Deaf and Deaf Not”,
  • created a network of volunteers involved in different programs.


Thousands of lives have changed dramatically as a result of Hay Santa activities.