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The plight of many families living in poverty would probably never have been drawn to the public’s attention, if in  2004, ArmeniaNow.com, the online weekly newspaper had not initiated “Hye Dzmer Pap (HaySanta)”, a mass media charity action.


“Better to help some than ignore all” slogan of the action provided an opportunity to unify the potential of individuals and separateorganizations, which,due to lack of information, are not used to addressing such problems.



Thus, “HaySanta” became an intra-society responding mechanism and brought together not “benefactors and beneficiaries”, but full

members of the society enjoying different social statuses due to various reasons.

Obtaining state registration and becoming a charitable foundation, during the six years “HaySanta” has expanded its coverage both by diversity of campaign tools and by selection of target families, and in terms of expanding the scope of its partners and ensuring various services. By expanding “On-line publications + printed newspaper” format, the Foundation involved also the TV production and broadcasting means. Starting from 2005, on Christmas and New Year’s Eve- two Armenian TV Channels broadcast short films about families identified by the reporters and reports for the past period. The satellite broadcast transmission of the National TV Channel delivers the “HaySanta” stories to the Diaspora.


Selection of target-families has expanded both geographically and volume of needs. “HaySanta” has lent its helping hand to over sixty vulnerable families in ten regions (marzes) of Armenia, Yerevan and the Mountainous Karabagh, by solving various problems facing them. The Foundation not only documents the painful social reality, but also demonstrates convincing examples of overcoming the poverty. Those models have succeeded due to consistent collaborative work of “HyeSanta” and supporting partners sharing a common ideology. The scope of partnership of “HyeSanta” too is diverse, includingkindergartens, schools, students’ initiatives, non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations, publicauthorities, businessenterprises.

Big or small, important or unimportant, possible or impossible – excluding these divisions, for its target families “HaySanta” builds a house, or repairs the roof, or allocates a milking cow, organizes  treatment of children or their parents, takes care of education of gifted children, ensures gasification, or finds a job. Some families, in due course, get on their feet and lend a helping hand to other vulnerable families.

During the years, all efforts have been made not to highlight thestatuses of the donorand recipient. Where moral assistance ends and material support starts is hard tonotice in the “HaySanta” projects, since they are interlaced and harmonized

Permanent partners of “HaySanta” children of the “Dprotsaser” (School-lovers) kindergarten in Paris. With the amounts donated by them during the year, cows are purchased and donated to the same-age children from villages of Armenia, to provide fresh milk.





Children of the “Targmanchats”  (Translators’) kindergarten in Geneva   followed the example of the “Dprotsaser”.  Small French and Belgian benefactors in total donated 11 cows and calves.

Photo: Children of the Kirakosyan family from far off Akori Village with their “Marquise” calf




Receiving assistance of “HaySanta”, Lernuhi Issoyan helps others: she knits warm clothes and presents them to needy people.

From 2004-2009 stories of more than 60 families have been exposed by “HaySanta”
75 documentaries have been produced, 90 articles have been published.
Over 100 meetings held by “HaySanta” staff, over 70 organizations approached for help
Over 50 organizations provided support, 4000 individuals responded to needs
700 young people involved in a series of charity actions and activities
Lives of over 350 people have improved significantly due to “HyeSanta” ’s work


1. Mary Karapetyan, who has lost her limbs because of explosion, has prostheses and received higher education with the help of the “HaySanta”






2.Student-volunteers helping inhabitants of Shirakamut village – the epicenter of the 1988 earthquake





3.“Hayastan” All-Armenian Foundation donated a house to the Baghdasaryan family introduced by the “HaySanta”






4.With the efforts of Armenian community of Boston, Diana Atabekyan passed a surgery in the USA





“Charity is not a generosity, but the duty of each of us” – with this principle-slogan “HaySanta” also organizes charity culture campaign. From 2011, the Foundation plans to work with families selected by different mass media, with the view of creating All-Armenian Benevolent Media Network.



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